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Welcome to Cerebral Syndicate

Welcome to Cerebral Syndicate!

Founded in 2014 by LeAlec 'Xcalibur' Murray with the purpose of bringing the worlds of games, comics, visual and print media together. Together with editor/videographer Devon, video game writer/blogger/analyst Jay 'JayInsane' Williams and comic/movie writer Dillon, Cerebral Syndicate plans on bringing original content in creative ways to the website and social media straight to the fans.  

Ever since I was a kid, the connection I had with comics and cartoons started very early. My parents were on a quest to get me to read so my dad got the bright idea to bring home comic books. The first set of comics I got were a set of Black Lightning comics (circa 1980s) and it was love at first sight. Those comics represented so much to me; a young black kid seeing someone like him gracing the bright color pages of a comic book, the way the words jumped off those bright colored kept me in a trance that was unexplainable and I knew this was something my life would revolve around. Fast forward 20 years and my love for comic, video games and movies has grown and I began dabbling with the idea of a comic book/video game YouTube show that discussed what ifs, bios and hero science into real life and help connect the different media sources together to go with it. I felt getting like minded people together to help share our collective love would lead to great things and recruit I did. Devon, Jay Insane and Dillon are all along for the ride and we all offer something different. What we are planning ranges from original videos discussing everything in the comic book universe, video game lets play videos with the crew and original articles and editorials discussing all things nerdy. Our goal is to create a unique experience that puts together the stuff we care about as much as you and putting those games and media into one place that is easy and fun.

                                                                                         ~ Xcalibur

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