Tom Hardy OUT Jake Gyllenhaal in


Tom Hardy OUT Jake Gyllenhaal in

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad just lost its first cast member Tom Hardy. He was set to play Rick Flag the leader of the group. The number on name floating around is Jake Gyllenhaal, he seem like he would fit since he was so good in End of Watch and it was the movie that put David Ayer on the map.

This is how the cast sets now.

Harley Quinn             –           Margot Robbie

Boomerang                –           Jai Courtney

The Joker                   –           Jared Leto

Deadshot                    –           Will Smith

Amanda Waller         –           Viola Davis

Enchantress               –           Cara Delevingne

Lex Luthor(rumored)-         Jesse Eisenberg

Rick Flag                     –           ?????????????????


I am not in love with this cast!! I think Leto, Robbie, and Davis are the only cast I like. I would love to see DC go with an older Rick Flag with maybe Gerard Butler or a Thomas Jane. But what do you think leave a your dream cast list in the comments below.

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