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Young Justice to Make Its Triumphant Return

We all asked for it. Fans bought the blu-rays and binged the show on Netflix. We all used hashtags pushing to keep the show alive and well…it worked! Warner Bros. Animation and DC Comics announced today that the fan favorite […]


The DC Comics Extended Universe Gets a Shot Of Adrenaline at Comic Con

It’s no secret that San Diego Comic Con is one of the biggest comic spectacles of the year. And with big spectacles come big surprises. As DC and Warner Bros Pictures took over Hall H this past weekend they brought […]


NetherRealm Studios Returns With Injustice 2

When NetherRealm announced the original Injustice they were right off the heels of the rebooted Mortal Kombat (MK9 for Xbox 360 and PS3) and a few years removed from Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. The premise of Injustice was simple; […]


The Justice League is Back in Action

Its been 10 years since we have had a Justice League cartoon on television, but we may soon get a new series. Cartoon Network announced this past January that Justice League Action will soon make its debut on the popular […]


The Flash and Arrow Welcome Vixen to the Roster

Its is no secret that the CW-Verse of superheroes have become wildly popular. The Flash had a phenomenal breakout season, while Arrow enjoys great success heading into its fourth season. While we wait for the new seasons of both shows, […]


CW Adds Legends to the Hero Lineup

Arrow and The Flash have been huge hits for CW over the last 3 seasons and inaugural season respectively. Both shows have been adding heroes and rogues in order to flesh out the stories and introduce new pieces to the […]


Official Batman v. Superman Trailer Plus IMAX Posters

Thanks to the internet we didn’t have to wait till April 20th to get our first look at Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Days after the leak, Zack Snyder posted the official HD trailer on his Twitter page making […]


After Convergence, DC Plans to Change the Game

Its no secret that DC is planning to change everything after the big universe scattering event that is Convergence. But changing everything is not a light statement. One of DC’s biggest hurdles has been with how the New 52 was […]


Justice League Fashion Week 

This week DC Comic revealed a ton of new costume changes for the Justice League spinning out of the events of Convergence. Lots of really cool changes here. From Superman wearing more of a stripped down costume to Wonder Woman […]


Brave and the Bold Coming to CW TV

CW is continuing to cash in on the popularity of both The Flash and Arrow by expanding their super hero TV universe. Modeled after the Brave and the Bold comic, the new show will feature various team ups between heroes […]