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Young Justice to Make Its Triumphant Return

We all asked for it. Fans bought the blu-rays and binged the show on Netflix. We all used hashtags pushing to keep the show alive and well…it worked! Warner Bros. Animation and DC Comics announced today that the fan favorite […]


Teen Titans TV Show Finds Its Team

At this point news has got around that TNT has picked up the rights to do a Teen Titans TV show which is being called Titans. We also know that Nightwing is the first confirmed character for the show. Now […]


First TV Titan Revealed

Direct from Geoff Johns, it looks like #DCComics and TNT will begin filming the pilot for the #TeenTitans based TV show titled “Titans” next year. And the first character revealed well Nightwing of course!


More DC TV

DC Comics keeps their TV shows coming. Word has it that TNT has ordered the pilot episodes for a Teen Titans TV series.


I’ve Got Issues: DC’s Movies Could Learn A Lot From… DC – IGN

I’ve Got Issues: DC’s Movies Could Learn A Lot From… DC – IGN This is an interesting read. Do you guys think DC can pull off their connected cinematic universe or have they strayed too much from the stories that […]


Young Justice Returns…Kind Of…

The Young Justice team will appear in a special episode of Teen Titans GO! this year! The premise behind the episode will be the Young Justice Leaguers scolding the Titans for not taking their job as heroes seriously. That’s all […]