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Marvel vs. Capcom Returns to Start a New Era

For those in the fighting game community Marvel vs. Capcom 3 came out with a bang and left with a fizzle. After Marvel’s historic deal with Disney, Disney decided to pull all of their character licensing contracts in order to […]


Marvel TV Prepared To Expand With The Runaways

Marvel Comics commitment to TV is as strong as ever. Daredevil season one and two were smash hits, Jessica Jones followed right behind it as a unexpected hit, Luke Cage hits Netflix this fall and Iron Fist isn’t far behind. […]


Luke Cage Will Be A Love Letter to Hip-Hop, Harlem and Black Super Heroism

While we wait for Marvel’s Black Panther and DC Comics’ Cyborg to hit the big screen, we just have a month to wait to see another one of Marvel’s pivotal Black heroes hit the screen. On September 30th Marvel/Netflix Luke […]


Marvel’s CAGE Gets A Second Chance At Life

Since exploding on to the scene and busting down criminals in the 1970’s, Luke Cage aka Power Man has been a staple in Marvel comics for the last 40+ years. Cage’s importance to the Marvel DNA has taken different forms […]


Marvel and Insomniac Games Team-up To Bring Spider-Man To A New Generation

WOW! E3 was wild ride. Trust me keeping track of all the happens is exhausting! But one of the best surprise to come out of E3 was the return of Marvel to the console game space. Marvel isn’t doing it […]


New Captain America Trailer is Full of Thrills and Surprises

Today, Marvel decided to drop the new trailer for Captain America: Civil War. The trailer gives us a better look into the story and the characters. WHY ARE WE TRYING TO GIVE YOU A TON OF FILLER HERE?! JUST GO […]


Elektra Makes Her Presence Felt in New Daredevil Trailer

A few weeks ago we got introduced to the Punisher in the new Daredevil trailer, now for Matt Murdock’s old flame. Elektra is a blast from the past for Matt, who has had quite the first year as the Devil […]


The Punisher Takes The Main Stage in New Daredevil Trailer

Finally, we get a look at Jon Bernthal’s Punisher, who will be making his debut this March in Daredevil season two. The new trailer for Daredevil is haunting and gives you insight into Frank Castle aka Punisher’s vengeful motives. Will […]


New Captain America Trailer Dares You To Pick Your Side

As May quickly approaches, Marvel decided to unleash the new trailer for Captain America: Civil War. The Super Bowl Sunday trailer did not disappoint, but the message itself was very clear…Pick. Your. Side. Check out the new trailer and prepare […]


Ryan Coogler to Direct Marvel Studios Black Panther

We officially have our director for Marvel’s Black Panther. Today, Marvel officially confirmed that Creed and Fruitvale Station director, Ryan Coogler, will be handling the debut movie outing of the Wakandian King. Previously, Coogler has been rumored for months to […]