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Bioware is Ready for the Next Mass Effect Adventure

N7 Day has come and gone and what a day it was. Mass Effect Andromeda is the next step in the Mass Effect Series and follows a team of new adventurers as they leave our side of the Milky Way […]


Nintendo is Ready to Make the “Switch”

After more than a year of waiting…Goodbye Nintendo NX. Hello Nintendo Switch! Am I the only one that has that Will Smith song pop into their head? You can ask anyone I was pretty blunt and critical of the Nintendo […]


Developer Joycity Wants to Bring Street Basketball Back With 3on3 Freestyle

If you guys know anything about CS, we are HUGE fans of extreme and street games around the office. In our Sports Games podcast we talked about how we miss not having EA Sports Big style games. Well it looks […]


Battlefront, Rogue One and Rebels at the Star Wars Celebration

The last two days of The Star Wars Celebration have been full of surprises and unveilings. Lets get to it. Star Wars Battlefront After 2 years of speculation and little to no news that only included concept art, EA and […]


A Sith Lord, Battlefront and a New Trailers (OH MY!) at the Star Wars Celebration

Today has been a big day for Star Wars fans everywhere. Starting today in Anaheim, California began Star Wars Celebration Day and every celebration comes with gifts and surprises. First after much speculation we finally get a look at the […]