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Marvel vs. Capcom Returns to Start a New Era

For those in the fighting game community Marvel vs. Capcom 3 came out with a bang and left with a fizzle. After Marvel’s historic deal with Disney, Disney decided to pull all of their character licensing contracts in order to […]


Marvel’s CAGE Gets A Second Chance At Life

Since exploding on to the scene and busting down criminals in the 1970’s, Luke Cage aka Power Man has been a staple in Marvel comics for the last 40+ years. Cage’s importance to the Marvel DNA has taken different forms […]


Same Old Ducks, But New Tales

So remember when we told you that there was a DuckTales reboot in the works heading to Disney XD? Well now we get our first official look at it. The classic crew is back. Huey, Dewey, Louie, Webbigail, Uncle Scrooge […]


Captain America and Iron Man Duke It Out in Captain America: Civil War

We have seen this coming in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) for a while…ALL roads lead to Civil War. In the comics, the events of the Civil War were set into motion when the New Warriors raided a house full […]


New Star Wars Trailer Amazes PLUS Ticket Pre-Sale Availability

There is really nothing to say here. Watch the trailer and let it speak for itself. Tickets for The Force Awakens are also available for purchase. There are select theater that will be playing a Star Wars movie marathon. The […]


Marvel Studios Announce Four New Films and Date Changes

New York City Comic Con kicked off in a huge way for Marvel as they made a few MCU changing announcements. First, a sequel to this years Ant-Man was announced. The new film titled Ant-Man and The Wasp will see […]


After a Year Off, Disney Animation Returns With Something Wild

Time off is a good thing, just ask anyone. Disney Animation counterpart Pixar took a year off and now they are back with two films slated for this year, Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur. After a huge success with […]


Pixar is Ready to Spark Your Imagination With The Good Dinosaur

As Pixar and Disney prepare to release Inside Out on June 19th, the animation giants give us a teaser for their newest animated feature. “What if the meteor that killed the dinosaurs never hit Earth?” That is the question that […]


Mega Man Returning to (Animated) Action

It seems like Mega Man is thriving in every space except his own solo video game. A current successful comic run with Archie Comics and crossover game success, appearing in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Project X Zone […]


The Muppets Prepare for a Glorious Return

After being off the scene for a while, The Muppets crew returned in 2011 with a new flair and much fan praise. In 2011 Kermit and gang gave us the new movie appropriately titled The Muppets and the 2014 sequel […]