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Marvel TV Prepared To Expand With The Runaways

Marvel Comics commitment to TV is as strong as ever. Daredevil season one and two were smash hits, Jessica Jones followed right behind it as a unexpected hit, Luke Cage hits Netflix this fall and Iron Fist isn’t far behind. […]


Luke Cage Will Be A Love Letter to Hip-Hop, Harlem and Black Super Heroism

While we wait for Marvel’s Black Panther and DC Comics’ Cyborg to hit the big screen, we just have a month to wait to see another one of Marvel’s pivotal Black heroes hit the screen. On September 30th Marvel/Netflix Luke […]


Elektra Makes Her Presence Felt in New Daredevil Trailer

A few weeks ago we got introduced to the Punisher in the new Daredevil trailer, now for Matt Murdock’s old flame. Elektra is a blast from the past for Matt, who has had quite the first year as the Devil […]


The Punisher Takes The Main Stage in New Daredevil Trailer

Finally, we get a look at Jon Bernthal’s Punisher, who will be making his debut this March in Daredevil season two. The new trailer for Daredevil is haunting and gives you insight into Frank Castle aka Punisher’s vengeful motives. Will […]


Make a Return Trip to Hell’s Kitchen on March 18th

The widely popular Marvel x Netflix series, Daredevil, is making its long awaited return on March 18th! This season expect to see Matt Murdock’s complicated relationship with Elektra, his shaky partnership with The Punisher and maybe even a small cameo […]


Marvel’s Jessica Jones Coming to Netflix in November

It’s almost time for the next installment in Marvel/Netflix big Defenders Initiative. After seeing tons from the set and hearing about the show, Jessica Jones heads to Netflix…(drum roll please) on November 20th. Like most Netflix series’ all episodes will […]


An Old Flame Heads to Daredevil Season 2

First, we get the news of John Bernthal taking up the mantle of the Punisher in Daredevil season two on Netflix. Now a classic love interest of Matt Murdock is coming to the show. It was announced today that French […]


The Devil of Hells Kitchen Meets Frank Castle in Season 2 of Daredevil

It looks like Charlie Cox will get his wish for season 2 of Daredevil. Matt Murdock aka Daredevil will have his official first run in with Frank Castle aka The Punisher. Marvel announced the news today along with the actor […]


The Man Without Fear Renewed for a Second Season on Netflix

What a breakout success Marvel’s first Defender was. Daredevil hit Netflix like a force of nature and left as soon as it came. The 13 episode first season laid the ground work for a darker Marvel Knights-esqe side of the […]


Daredevil in a Red Suit

Everyone seemed to worry if we would see Matt Murdock don the iconic red suit in the new Marvel/Netflix series, well worry not. Just 24 hours before the launch of Marvel’s new TV series, a transformation spoiler clip was released […]