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Luke Cage Will Be A Love Letter to Hip-Hop, Harlem and Black Super Heroism

While we wait for Marvel’s Black Panther and DC Comics’ Cyborg to hit the big screen, we just have a month to wait to see another one of Marvel’s pivotal Black heroes hit the screen. On September 30th Marvel/Netflix Luke […]


The DC Comics Extended Universe Gets a Shot Of Adrenaline at Comic Con

It’s no secret that San Diego Comic Con is one of the biggest comic spectacles of the year. And with big spectacles come big surprises. As DC and Warner Bros Pictures took over Hall H this past weekend they brought […]


NetherRealm Studios Returns With Injustice 2

When NetherRealm announced the original Injustice they were right off the heels of the rebooted Mortal Kombat (MK9 for Xbox 360 and PS3) and a few years removed from Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. The premise of Injustice was simple; […]


The Original Heroes for Hire Return

Not having a comic together since the 90s can give you time to miss one of Marvel’s BEST dynamic duos. With the help of Fast Company, Marvel revealed that Luke Cage and Danny Rand will once again come together to […]


Batman v. Superman First Look Scheduled for April 20th

As comic fans and movie goers hold their breath and wait aimlessly for any news on a sneak peak or trailer for DC Comics/Warner Bros Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, we get a little bit of light…in the form […]


After Convergence, DC Plans to Change the Game

Its no secret that DC is planning to change everything after the big universe scattering event that is Convergence. But changing everything is not a light statement. One of DC’s biggest hurdles has been with how the New 52 was […]


Hail the King of Atlantis

Many have been speculating what Jason Momoa’s Aquaman would look like in Zack Snyder’s Justice League universe. Well Snyder took to Twitter this morning to give everyone a sneak peek at the new King of Atlantis. Along with the picture […]


Teen Titans TV Show Finds Its Team

At this point news has got around that TNT has picked up the rights to do a Teen Titans TV show which is being called Titans. We also know that Nightwing is the first confirmed character for the show. Now […]


Doomsday for Batman v. Superman

Doomsday has just been confirmed for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.


DC Comics Movie Schedule

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice – March 25th 2016 Suicide Squad – August 5th 2016 Lego Batman – May 26th 2017 Wonder Woman – June 23rd 2017 Justice League – Part 1 November 17th 2017 The Flash – May […]