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Street Fighter V to Receive New Story Mode This Summer

We are just four short weeks away from the release of Street Fighter V on PS4 and PC. Today, Capcom revealed that SFV will contain two different story telling elements to enhance the game experience. The first mode, launching in […]


Street Fighter V Coming February 16th, 2016 PLUS Dhalsim’s Beard AND MY FIGHT MONEY!!

Paris Games Week is this week and the Street Fighter Team at Capcom was there to share some exciting news. Mark your calendars because we will be fighting in the streets once again on February 16th, 2016!!! Thats right get […]


Rainbow Mika Returns To Street Fighter With Style PLUS Beta and Collectors Edition Update

The roster for Street Fighter V keeps growing and what better way to grow the roster than to bring back a old favorite. Until now, Rainbow Mika or R. Mika made her first and last appearance in Street Fighter Alpha […]


Shadaloo Boss Claws His Way Into Street Fighter V

What is a Street Fighter game without the Spanish Ninja? Capcom’s resident pretty boy, Vega, returns in Street Fighter V with claw and mask in hand. Not much has changed here, but Vega does have some new moves to go […]


Street Fighter V’s New Fighter is Savage Plus Beta Update

As EVO concludes tonight, Capcom thought it would be a great idea to give us another character reveal. Capcom promised 16 total characters to start in SFV, with 4 of them begin all new. The first of the new class […]


Psycho Power Returns to Street Fighter V

The last Street Fighter V trailer showed the return of Charlie Nash, but the glorious return was spoiled by a Psycho transmission at the end of the trailer. That transmission belonged to none other than M. Bison. The Shadoloo boss […]


Street Fighter V Release Date Teased

This weekend while at Pax East, Capcom may have leaked the date for Street Fighter V. Capcom has been selling exclusive merch over the weekend and on one of the exclusive shirts a sentence reading “Coming Spring 2016” was printed […]


Charlie Nash Returns to Street Fighter

The hype train is still going full steam for the fifth entry into the Street Fighter series. Today Capcom released a trailer for the returning Charlie Nash! He’s supposed to be dead right? Well check out the Frankenstein’s monster look […]


Street Fighter V Gameplay Video Capcom Cup Extended Cut – YouTube

Street Fighter V Gameplay Video Capcom Cup Extended Cut – YouTube ICYMI: Extended trailer for Street Fighter V! You might want to stay till the end.


Street Fighter V – Gameplay Trailer | PS4 – YouTube

Street Fighter V – Gameplay Trailer | PS4 – YouTube Well it’s is officially OFFICIAL! Street Fighter V is heading exclusively to PS4 and PC! Looks amazing!