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Young Justice to Make Its Triumphant Return

We all asked for it. Fans bought the blu-rays and binged the show on Netflix. We all used hashtags pushing to keep the show alive and well…it worked! Warner Bros. Animation and DC Comics announced today that the fan favorite […]


Marvel’s CAGE Gets A Second Chance At Life

Since exploding on to the scene and busting down criminals in the 1970’s, Luke Cage aka Power Man has been a staple in Marvel comics for the last 40+ years. Cage’s importance to the Marvel DNA has taken different forms […]


The Justice League is Back in Action

Its been 10 years since we have had a Justice League cartoon on television, but we may soon get a new series. Cartoon Network announced this past January that Justice League Action will soon make its debut on the popular […]


The Return of Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

Nearly 10 years after the final episode aired, Cartoon Network is bringing back one of its most beloved cartoon. Power Puffs Girls was created in 1998 by Craig McCracken and told the story of three super powered little girls, Blossom, […]


Ben 10 Reboot on the Way

Since its creation, Ben 10 was one of Cartoon Network’s most popular action cartoons. Created by animation group Man of Action, Ben 10 told the story of a 10 year old named Ben Tennyson who acquired an alien watch called […]


Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F Gets Release Date PLUS Dragon Ball Goes Super

Dragon Ball Z fans rejoice! Resurrection F, the sequel to 2014’s Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods will debut in the US and Canada in a limited theater release from August 4th to the 12th. Hit the Dragon Ball Z […]


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (Movie Review)

The Dragon Ball franchise means a lot to a lot of anime fans. For most fans, it was the first anime we discovered and followed filler episodes and all. Popularity was at an all time high when Dragon Ball Z […]