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The Flash and Arrow Welcome Vixen to the Roster

Its is no secret that the CW-Verse of superheroes have become wildly popular. The Flash had a phenomenal breakout season, while Arrow enjoys great success heading into its fourth season. While we wait for the new seasons of both shows, […]


CW Adds Legends to the Hero Lineup

Arrow and The Flash have been huge hits for CW over the last 3 seasons and inaugural season respectively. Both shows have been adding heroes and rogues in order to flesh out the stories and introduce new pieces to the […]


Justice League Fashion Week 

This week DC Comic revealed a ton of new costume changes for the Justice League spinning out of the events of Convergence. Lots of really cool changes here. From Superman wearing more of a stripped down costume to Wonder Woman […]


Brave and the Bold Coming to CW TV

CW is continuing to cash in on the popularity of both The Flash and Arrow by expanding their super hero TV universe. Modeled after the Brave and the Bold comic, the new show will feature various team ups between heroes […]


DC Television Finds Their Supergirl

Melissa Benoist, known for her roles in Glee and Whiplash, will be taking her talents back to TV and will be playing the role of Kara Zor-el aka Supergirl. CBS Television has already ordered a full season of Supergirl. The […]


Arrow – Left Behind Trailer – YouTube

Arrow – Left Behind Trailer – YouTube Spoiler Alert: if you aren’t caught up on Arrow look away now! If you are still with us check out the midseason trailer.


Spoiler for Second Half of Arrow Season 3?

@amellywood put up this fan made teaser of Arrow last week. Is this a sign of things to come the rest of the season?


The Future of Arsenal

Colton Hayes aka Roy Harper/Arsenal in #Arrow, will be playing a bigger role in the series following the events of the season finale.


The Flash x Arrow

Did anyone catch the end of #TheFlash tonight?! (Please no spoilers for those who have not seen it!) Part 2 of the Arrow vs. Flash crossover airs tomorrow night!


Reverse Flash is Coming

On December 9th we see #TheFlash take on his greatest rival. “The Man in the Yellow Suit” episode will premiere on this day with The Flash taking on Reverse Flash.