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Marvel TV Prepared To Expand With The Runaways

Marvel Comics commitment to TV is as strong as ever. Daredevil season one and two were smash hits, Jessica Jones followed right behind it as a unexpected hit, Luke Cage hits Netflix this fall and Iron Fist isn’t far behind. […]


The Muppets Prepare for a Glorious Return

After being off the scene for a while, The Muppets crew returned in 2011 with a new flair and much fan praise. In 2011 Kermit and gang gave us the new movie appropriately titled The Muppets and the 2014 sequel […]


Marvel History

The Marvel Comics/ABC special “Marvel 75 Years: Pulp to Pop!” Will be airing on November 4th 9pm/8pm! The special will talk about Marvel’s past, present and future!