Marvel’s Secret War Will Shatter Everything You Know


Marvel’s Secret War Will Shatter Everything You Know

Sometimes you have to break everything and start fresh. Keep that in mind, as we quickly approach Marvel’s next big event. With Secret Wars starting this May, Marvel is ending 33 of their core titles:

– All-New Captain America
– All-New Ghost Rider
– All-New X-Men
– Amazing Spider-Man
– Angela: Asgard’s Assassin
– Avengers
– Avengers World
– Captain Marvel
– Cyclops
– Deadpool
– Elektra
– Fantastic Four
– Guardians 3000
– Guardians of the Galaxy
– Hulk
– Inhuman
– Iron Fist: The Living Weapon
– Legendary Star-Lord
– Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man
– New Avengers
– Nightcrawler
– Nova
– Rocket Raccoon
– Secret Avengers
– Spider-Man and the X-Men
– Spider-Man 2099
– Storm
– Superior Iron Man
– Thor
– Uncanny X-Men
– Wolverines 
– X-Men
Now there is a mix of both regular Marvel (also known as 616) and Ultimate Comics here. Now some titles will be ending in May, some will not. Secret Wars will take place under three different storylines: Battleworld, Last Day and Warzones. Last Day is the “Past” which allows books not wrapping up in May a chance to finish on their own terms and allow the creative teams of the remaining books time to complete stories. Battleworld is the “Present” or main continuum, which includes the current universe smashing battles that will take place at the core of the Secret Wars story arc. And lastly Warzones is the “Future” or the building block titles, all of which are one shot stories that lead to bigger things as we get closer to the end of Secret Wars. 
Secret Wars will be putting an end to the Ultimate and 616 universes and will create something new at the end. Our first glimpse of what the end will look like will come in the form of the All-New, All-Different Avengers title being released on Free Comic Book Day. Are you guys excited about this earth shattering event? Sound off and let us know. 

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