Marvel and Insomniac Games Team-up To Bring Spider-Man To A New Generation


Marvel and Insomniac Games Team-up To Bring Spider-Man To A New Generation

WOW! E3 was wild ride. Trust me keeping track of all the happens is exhausting! But one of the best surprise to come out of E3 was the return of Marvel to the console game space. Marvel isn’t doing it alone though, they called in some backup.

Throughout Marvel’s history they have been known for epic team ups, rather is be in their movies, their comics or their video games. Lending Marvel a hand into the new generation will be the notorious Insomniac Games! The team known for Ratchet and Clank, Spyro and Resistance will be firing the opening shot.

During the Sony/Playstation Presser at E3, the theater went black and a animated New York City skyline blazed across the screen. And then to everyones shock and surprise our favorite wall crawler graces the screen to a thunderous applause.

Spider-man for PS4 (no actual title yet) marks Marvel’s return to console games and it looks spectacular! In the trailer you see Spidey zipping around the city and webbing up bad guys. One thing to notice here is that Spider-man is wearing a new costume, which we know nothing about…yet. Insomniac has mentioned that the game will feature a more mature and experienced Spidey and Peter Parker, which may be a clue to why he changed his suit.

Jay Ong, head of Marvel Games, has gone on record to say that Spider-man belongs on Playstation with Insomniac at the head. Marvel Games may have more in store for us as well. Along with Spider-man on PS4, Marvel and Telltale Games have an Avengers based game coming to consoles in 2017. There is also rumor of HD Remaster of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and. Ong has also said there are other brand new Marvel games in the works that will set up a games universe that will not be connected to the MCU or their animated universe.

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