Justice League Fashion Week 


Justice League Fashion Week 

This week DC Comic revealed a ton of new costume changes for the Justice League spinning out of the events of Convergence. Lots of really cool changes here. From Superman wearing more of a stripped down costume to Wonder Woman going full armor to Batman(?) going heavy metal with a smoking gun. Check out the pics and let us know what you think. All the new outfits will debut this June with #41’s of the hero’s respective book.

Scott Snyder is noted as saying that issue 41 of Batman is huge coming out of the Batman End Game story arc. Is it the same Batman we know and love or is this someone new?

Superman is going back to basics. This new outfit pays homage to both new and old Action Comics. New school jeans and tee look, with the old school black, red and yellow emblem.

Wonder Woman keeps her classic lasso, boots, gauntlet and chest plate but the gauntlets now carry blades and her outfit carries more of a warrior look.

You will notice here that Hal Jordan has nixed his signature ring for the prototype Green Lantern gauntlet and is seen in a hoodie instead of a clean cut look. Who or what is Hal running from?

Not to be left out both The Flash and Green Arrow get updates as well. Both costumes herelook like they borrow from the CW shows and their New 52 comic roots.

Cover of June’s Batman/Superman. 

Cover for June’s Superman/Wonder Woman

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