Happy Back to the Future Day!!


Happy Back to the Future Day!!

What A Time to Be Alive (As Drake and Future would say)!! We have officially hit October 21st, 2015, the date that Doc Brown and Marty McFly travelled to in Back to the Future: Part 2. We may have not gotten the EXACT future that Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale predicted but they got pretty damn close! Lets break it down shall we?


We are in post season for baseball and the Cubs are fighting for their playoff lives against the Mets. In Back to the Future, the Cubs won the World Series ending a 106 year championship drought! Good luck to the Cubs as the continue for that push!

Chicago Cubs Logo


Oh Hoverboards where are you?! Well closer than you think. There have been two companies working to make hoverboards a reality. The first is Lexus, yes Lexus the car company. The board, though made as a promo gimmick, is the closest we’ve come to a working hoverboard. Using a series of magnets and superconductors all cooled by liquid nitrogen, the board does work…kind of. The Lexus “Slide” only works with the help of a LOT of magnets and all of those magnets are built into a special skate part the company has built in Barcelona, Spain. Bummer.

The Hendo Hover, made by the company of the same name is the next company looking to make our back to the future dreams a reality. The Hendo works using disc shaped hover engines that produce a magnetic field. That opposing magnetic field creates lift on the opposing surface causing the board to hover above the ground. Let skateboarding legend Tony Hawk show you.

Nike Mags:

2015 Nike Mag

If we are close to anything it’s Marty McFly’s signature 2015 shoe. The Nike Mag was designed by famed Nike designer, Tinker Hatfield. Hatfield made specifically for Back to the Future and the shoe was a massive hit with its LED light and its Power Laces. Fast forward to 2011, the Mag was “retroed” and auctioned off with the proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Now on the anniversary of Back to the Future we finally get our first actual Power Lace and LED equipped Nike Mags and who better to have the first pair than Marty McFly himself!?

Nike CEO Mark Parker and Nike Designer Tinker Hatfield both announced that the Nike Mag, complete with Power Laces and LEDs, will return again in spring 2016 for limited edition run with proceeds again going to Fox’s foundation.

Hands Free Video Gaming/VR:

This is also a home run. Several companies are knocking this out of the park. Sony has been working on Playstation VR, Microsoft has HoloLens, Facebook has bought and invested in Oculus Rift and Google Glass is starting to take off. By this time next year their will be several VR headsets on the market that both Doc Brown and Marty McFly would be proud of.

Back to the Future Day is also being celebrated in a few other ways:

The TellTale Games Back to the Future Game has been re-released for the 30th Anniversary. You can buy here.

Pepsi has decide to put out a limited edition run of Pepsi Perfect.

Universal Studios has released the 30th Anniversary Back to the Future Blu-Ray Trilogy. The collection is complete with all three movies and a ton of special features detailing the impact of the film and the creative process. Buy it Here.

IDW Publishing started a four issue limited edition comic today. The BTTF comic details Marty and Doc Brown’s relationship and even gives us more back story on the Doctor himself. Pick it up at your local comic shop or download it from Comixology.

Marvel also decided to get in on the action with a BTTF tribute starring Deadpool and Cable:

BTTF Cable Deadpool

And to wrap up the day here is a message from Christopher Lloyd aka Doc Brown:

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