CS x Dallas Comic Con


CS x Dallas Comic Con

Wow guys! Last weekend was a whirlwind for Cerebral Syndicate. Devon, Dillon, JayInsane (in astral projection form) and I (I meaning Xcalibur) made the trek to Irving Convention Center do some killer interviews, buy all the pop figures our arms could carry and check out artists and maybe check out some panels. The result of our adventures was more than we could hope for a Tier Zero media company. First before we show off the videos I would like to thank all our interviewees for an amazing experience and being on camera with us. The magic was real and authentic and so was the comedy. From the legendary Nichelle Nichols, to Power Rangers Alex and Azim, to the hilarious David Wong all of the interviews are gold. Side bar on Nichelle Nichols. Our interview with Ms. Nichols was our first Cerebral Syndicate exclusive.

It was also a huge learning weekend for the team and our first conference together a unit. To JayInsane, Devon and DT massive thank you and this is just the beginning. Enjoy the vids everyone. More to come. We are building our studio soon so be ready for that ride!

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