Cerebral Syndicate Bookclub: Spider-Man and the X-Men


Cerebral Syndicate Bookclub: Spider-Man and the X-Men

What do you get when you take everyones favorite Web-Head and give him a class of trouble making mutants to teach? You get the thrills of a action cartoon that clashes with the antics of teenage high school angst. Written by Daily Show writer Elliott Kalan and illustrated by Marco Failla, Spider-Man and the X-Men is based around Spider-Man keeping a promise to since dead friend Wolverine. The promise in question was to protect the Jean Gray Institute from a mole that is hiding in plan sight. As you would expect, Spider-Man’s bad luck chuck aura follows him into this new adventure and spills over to the kids. Spider-Man’s recent history (see Superior Spider-Man) has made Storm, now head mistress of the school, not only angry at Logan’s decision but suspicious of Parker. What follows in the series is battles with symbiotes, two lame brain dinosaurs, a kick ass science fair, a teenage love story and a sinister surprise at the end. 

For a story that is only 6 issues it is very well paced and full of character. Spider-Man and the X-Men feels like a sequel or like a spiritual successor to the two part Wolverine and the X-Men series but also stands on its own. The difference here is both Jason Aaron and Jason Latour wrote the story from the perspective of Logan and him dealing with Quentin Quire and building the future of the X-Team. Kalan uses Spider-Man’s personality and wit as the catalyst and backbone of the series. You truly get a feel for all of the kids and Spider-Man’s role in their development. The students go from thinking Spidey is lame to wanting to adventure with him at the drop of a dime. The series is almost like playing the old school Spider-Man and the X-Men arcade game but with X-Kids…and they aren’t quite sure what an arcade is…or that they need tokens. That is part of the adventure and it is awesome.

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