Captain America and Iron Man Duke It Out in Captain America: Civil War


Captain America and Iron Man Duke It Out in Captain America: Civil War

We have seen this coming in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) for a while…ALL roads lead to Civil War.

In the comics, the events of the Civil War were set into motion when the New Warriors raided a house full of villains that included Nitro. During the raid, Nitro set off an explosion that killed more than half of the New Warriors and decimated a elementary school as well. This action by these “C list” heroes called for the U.S. government to create and enforce the Superhuman Registration Act. This new law would have all super powered people to be registered and become agents of SHIELD. Iron Man would lead the government’s charge for registered heroes, while Captain America would defend a hero’s rights to remain anonymous and operate as he or she sees fit.

The MCU will tell the story in a different light with the same end result. When we last left Cap and the Avengers they were recovering from the Ultron assault that caused the country of Sokovia to come crashing out of the sky and down to earth in a fiery blaze. Avenger and close friend of Captain America, Falcon, was sent on a mission during these events to go looking for Steve Rogers’ lost friend Bucky Barnes, the Winter Solider. Bucky disappeared after the event of the second Captain America film and has been MIA ever since. Both Falcon and Cap catch up with Bucky just as the hired mercenary Crossbones caused a cataclysmic event of his own. Both the Ultron and Crossbones events caused the government to react and create the Superhuman Registration Act, lead by Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Coming to the defense of Bucky and over heroes, Cap stands on the side opposing the new law.

Captain America: Civil War will be introducing two new characters to the MCU ranks. The new Spider-Man played by Tom Holland and Black Panther played by Chadwick Boseman. Black Panther makes his appearance in the trailer, while Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is still under wraps.

Captain America: Civil War, directed by the Russo Brothers, hits theaters May 6th, 2016. The movie stars Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Emily Olsen, Paul Rudd, Chadwick Boseman, Don Cheadle, Anthony Mackie, Paul Bettany, Tom Holland, Jeremy Renner, Scarlett Johansson and Sebastian Stan.

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