After Convergence, DC Plans to Change the Game


After Convergence, DC Plans to Change the Game

Its no secret that DC is planning to change everything after the big universe scattering event that is Convergence. But changing everything is not a light statement. One of DC’s biggest hurdles has been with how the New 52 was handled. The writing suffered and the artwork across multiple books looked the same and began to bleed together. The other problem with New 52 was the lack of diversity. DC’s lack of character development and diversity is said to be the main reason for the shake up.

The new DCU will start with more focus on individual characters and teams and less crossover events. The New 52 was littered with storylines and crossovers that all bleed into other books and made the stories had to keep up with and stretched the characters too thin. The new character first stories will not only keep the characters interesting but make the fans feel more connected to the characters. DC Comics Co-publishers Dan DiDio Jim Lee is calling it “canon over continuity.”
DC’s next step is to bring about more diverse characters into the continuum. Its not about getting more readers, but having for them making more books that appeal to everyone. The current comic stigma is that comic book readers are primarily dominated by young white males which is not the case. This fact has been proven with the success of Marvel’s new Ms. Marvel who is young Muslim girl, Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales who is a young Black and Hispanic kid and even DC’s own out of the box success with the recent success of the Bat-Girl reboot. With more diverse characters must come a better and more well rounded stable of creative team, writers that take chances and artists bring new life to the characters that they are drawing stories for. Here are the new titles with their creative teams:
  • Batman Beyond – W: Dan Jurgens, A: Bernard Chang
  • Bat-Mite – W: Dan Jurgens, A: Corin Howell
  • Bizzarro – W: Heath Corson, A: Gustavo Duarte
  • Black Canary – W: Brandon Fletcher, A: Annie Wu
  • Constantine: Hellblazer – W: Ming Doyle & James Tynion IV, A: Riley Rossmo
  • Cyborg – W: David Walker, A: Ivan Reis
  • Dark Universe – W: James Tynion IV, A: Ming Doyle
  • Green Lantern: Lost Army – W: Cullen Bunn, A: Jesus Saiz & Javi Pina
  • Doomed – W: Scott Lobdell, A: Javier Fernandez
  • Earth 2: Society – W: Daniel Wilson, A: Jorge Jimenez
  • Dr. Fate – W: Paul Levitz, A: Sonny Liew
  • Harley Quinn/Power Girl – W: Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner, A: Stephane Roux
  • Justice League of America – W & A: Bryan Hitch
  • Justice League 3001 – W: Keith Griffen, A: Howard Porter
  • Martian Manhunter – W: Rob Williams, A: Ben Oliver 
  • Midnighter – W: Steve Orlando, A: ACO
  • Mystic U – W: Alisa Kwitney, A: TBA
  • Omega Men – W: Tom King, A: Alec Morgan
  • Prez – W: Mark Russell, A: Ben Caldwell
  • Red Hood/Arsenal – Scott Lobdell, A: Denis Medri
  • Robin, Son of Batman – W & A: Patrick Gleason
  • Section Eight – W: Garth Ennis, A: John McCrea
  • Starfire – W: Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner, A: Emanuela Lupacchino
  • We Are Robins – W: Lee Bermejo, A: Khary Randolph
What is interesting here is the branch out of new series’ with out of the norm characters. Cyborg getting his own title seems long overdue as his change in origin and popularity. 
We Are Robins is another title of interest as we see a young Black teen by the name of Duke Thomas take on the mantle of Robin after helping Batman in both Zero Year and End Year. The title however goes far deeper than that by exploring currently social issues that effect our communities.


DC’s Midnighter series will focus on a gay male lead, while titles like Starfire, Black Canary, and Harley Quinn/Power Girl are focused on establishing more female leads. 

DC will be giving readers new and old the chance to experience these new stories this May when the free comic book day title Divergence hits. All the new DC titles will be available after Convergence ends this June. 


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