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Gears 4 Steps Back To Move Forward (Gears of War 4 Review)

Last time we saw Gears of War was Gears of War: Judgment. Judgement left a lot of legacy fans jaded and was not very well received. Many felt Judgement took away what made Gears, well Gears. As a forever fan […]


Bioware is Ready for the Next Mass Effect Adventure

N7 Day has come and gone and what a day it was. Mass Effect Andromeda is the next step in the Mass Effect Series and follows a team of new adventurers as they leave our side of the Milky Way […]


Young Justice to Make Its Triumphant Return

We all asked for it. Fans bought the blu-rays and binged the show on Netflix. We all used hashtags pushing to keep the show alive and well…it worked! Warner Bros. Animation and DC Comics announced today that the fan favorite […]